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Take your business to the 21st century by making your product data fully BIM compatible via goBIM.

  • Make them BIM-ified!
    Create professional Product Data Sheets
  • Make them useful!
    Create Product Data Sheets with all necessary properties, making your data interoperable according to the market requirements.
  • Make them famous!
    Get your products listed for specifiers to see as part of one of the fastest growing BIM databases. Your clients are already browsing our library!
  • Be proud!
    By having your product into BIM, you will be given a “BIM adopter badge”, which will signify your commitment to deliver high quality, interoperable BIM data to your clients.
  • Export to PDF!
    All your data can be easily exported to a PDF through goBIM’s built-in functionality.
  • Manage your information!
    Connect documents, pictures and objects to your data, so that the whole supply chain cheers for you at every stage of the construction process.
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Want to take the full advantage of BIM? Introduce the world to your data with these advanced features!

  • Break the limits!
    Take advantage of unlimited number of products – with goBIM Premium you can add your full product portfolio in the system.
  • Full export functionality (COBie, Excel and more)
    Any major format is just a few clicks away. Deliver fully to your clients’ project needs!
  • Make wise decisions!
    By upgrading to Premium you gain Market Intelligence – you will obtain detailed information on who uses your product data and when it was accessed.
  • A comfy ride for your BIM journey!
    Enjoy a priority first class support every step of the way.

goBIM Premium drops all limitations allowing you to add unlimited products to the platform while fully unlocking your data’s interoperability potential.

With your Premium account you will gain access to in-depth analytics, giving you invaluable insights on the performance of each of your products and allowing you to connect with your clients in unprecedented ways.


We also offer multilingual Product Data Sheet support enabling you to translate all your data at a click of a button.

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