goBIM – How Manufacturers Share Their Data

Share your data, documents and data-rich objects in Revit, Navisworks, ArchiCAD as well as in IFC, PDF, COBie and Excel

goBim helps you create and populate your construction product data templates

Why goBIM?

The easiest and most affordable way to digitise and control all your product data.

  • Major clients such as the UK Government require your product information as interoperable, machine readable data
  • By sharing your data in formats compatible with BIM software such as Revit, ArchiCAD etc. specifiers are more likely to select your product
  • By sharing your data via goBIM you can receive market intelligence on who is viewing/using your products and what info they require
  • goBIM not only allows you to host and manage your data, you can also host and manage your documents and 3D Objects

International member of


buildingSMART is the worldwide authority driving transformation of the built environment through
creation & adoption of open, international standards

buildingSMART developed the common data schema (IFC) that makes possible the information exchange between project team members and across the software applications that they commonly use for design, construction, procurement, maintenance and operations.


We also offer multilingual Product Data Sheet support enabling you to translate all your data at a click of a button.

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Among our customers are some of Europe’s
largest manufacturing companies and major contractors